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iPHONE TRACKING – Great tool or privacy invasion?

From iOS4 onwards, apple phones stores the location of cell phone towers where you have been violating the user’s privacy without their knowledge.  So seems apple joined google in the race.  With technology improving day-by-day, there is no way one can keep their personal info PERSONAL.  Read the complete story at CNN.

Now the question is, whom should you rely on to protect your privacy?  Nokia (Symbian)?

India fights CORRUPTION

Great Revolution Happening in INDIA. Lets know about the person and the Revolution.

1. Anna Hazare an ex-army man. Fought 1965 Indo-Pak War

2. What’s so special about him? He built a village Ralegaon Siddhi in Ahamad Nagar district, Maharashtra. This village is a self-sustained model village. Energy is produced in the village itself from solar power, biofuel and wind mills. In 1975, it used to be a poverty clad village. Now it is one of the richest village in India. It has become a model for self-sustained, eco-friendly & harmonic village. Also fought for RTI for 10 years. Continue reading

Mobile operators drop internet packets!!!

I am developing encrypted email sync app on Symbian. After facting symbian’s technical challanges, we are now struck with the mobile operator. We experienced a strange behaviour where operator started dropping the streaming of email sync specially while syncing emails with attachment. Continue reading