Mobile operators drop internet packets!!!

I am developing encrypted email sync app on Symbian. After facting symbian’s technical challanges, we are now struck with the mobile operator. We experienced a strange behaviour where operator started dropping the streaming of email sync specially while syncing emails with attachment. It took some good amount of time before we figured out that the root cause was not our application but the operator.

The operators here (europe) tries to monitor your mobile internet traffic using some network traffic monitoring technique ( some info ) and drops all the suspecious packets which can effect either QoS or their business ( like voip ).

So this is quite anoying that your packets are dropped without your knowledge and let you worry about how you can overcome this obstacle of theirs.

A quick solutions would be to get a special package with them where they dont drop any internet traffic of yours including VOIP. Hmm.. Only if they have such special package. Otherwise, good luck with your never ending investigation…….!!!!!

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