What does media want?

Sitting far from India, I try to keep up with whats happeneing down in my country by watching NDTV‘s online news.  I sincearly thank them in convering Mr. Anna Hazari’s movement towards corruption. 

Having thanked, we all know that cricket is our religion and I am afraid that start of IPL will effect this movement.  Helping to this, NDTV was very media centric by asking “Anna vs IPL, where you will be?“.  At the same time, at every break they promote IPL by showing the advert.

So a big question raises is “WHAT DOES MEDIA (NDTV) WANTS”?  What are they trying to prove by asking questions to viewers and at the same time diverting viewer’s commitment by showing IPL advert at regular invervals.  One thing which surly helps them is the revenu what they generate through these adverts.   What else?

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